This is a tribute to the legendary singer who passed away on the morning of june 25th 2009 in his house in LA.His age was 50.His personal doctor tried to revive but his attempts failed.A 911 call was made from the his home to which the LA's fire department responded and performed CPR.Resuscitation efforts were made on the way to the hospital and also after reaching the hospital.He arrived at UCLA medical centre approximately 1 hour after the call was made. Jackson's body was transported by helicopter from UCLA to the LA Coroners offices, as there was no doctor to sign the death certificate.A postmortem is scheduled on friday , june 26th 2009.The exact cause of death is not known. Although the paramedics found him in a full cardiac arrest.

MJ was scheduled to perform 50 concerts in London's O2 arena from July 13, 2009 to March 6, 2010.The tour was named "This is it". All the tickets were sold for all these 50 concerts.
Following the his death , his iconic album "thriller" is topping the charts now.


Nick Fry, the Honda chief executive,refuses to guarantee the future of the most experienced man of F1, Rubens Barrichello.Barrichello, who recently broke Riccardo Patrese's record of 256 races ,has an ambition of getting 300 races but with which team is the question.Nick Fry hinted that if he(rubens) is fast he would stay,if he is slow he'll be out.In turkey he finished only 14th.He hadnt scored a point for a long time.Doing 300 races mean that he should race uninterrupted till the second half of 2010 season.


My 12th grade came out on friday,whew! i am certainly relieved of lots of stress caused by it.I have a 90% aggregate.I thought i could relax a little and start gaming freely again but the next problem arrives next minute,which college am i going to join? Will Anna univ reckon me?which course am i going to join? i have lots q's surrounding me.I also want to re-evaluate one of my papers.Now the question is should i apply for re-evaluation.questions, questions,questions followed by problems. And what the heck? my marksheets will be sent to my school on or after 21st of this month,when i have to submit the photo copy of my mark-sheet on 26th to anna univ.It will obviously reach the schools late,whem am i gonna submit?Hope everything goes fine......


Rubens Barrichello is all set to break Riccardo Patrese's record of 256 races,he will race his 257th race this sunday in Turkey.Barrichello's Honda RA108 race car and helmet will feature a specially designed ‘257’ livery throughout the weekend.

To celebrate the event auto major Honda held a event titled The Rubens Barrichello 257 Golf Tournament in the prestigious club of "Club de Golf El Prat",in Barcelona after the Spanish GP.Principal Ross Brawn, current record holder Riccardo Patrese, fellow F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and David Coulthard, plus his former team boss at Stewart Grand Prix, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE were present at the event along with Honda team members.There were also many VIPs present at the special event.The 2005 World Golf Trick Shot champion,Jose-Manuel Lara,gave some advices to the guests and players present.He entertained the crowds with a eloquent trick-shot display to round-off the activities.Players were given a chance to play the 18-hole tournament for a bespoke winners' trophy exclusively designed by the ex Honda Chief Mechanic Alastair Gibson and the also the trophy was built from Rubens' RA108 F1 car parts.The highlight of the day was that Rubens Barrichello was given the state of art Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade in recognition of his record.


BMW go Ferrari way

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BMW and other teams will mostly experiment with the new "nose-hole" technology following Ferrari,which did it in the last race in spain.However Ferrari says that it would not use the shark mouth style feature in front driver's position for all the races in this season.And BMW's technical director Willy Rampf confirmed that they would use a similar concept in a trial team's Hinwil wind tunnel in the coming days.

"I am almost certain that it would also work on some of the other cars so we will have a look," Rampf is quoted as saying by Switzerland's Motorsport Aktuell publication.


Heidfeld was doing good till 22nd lap where Mclaren's Hekki kovalainen hit a tyrewall and a safety car had to be employed.According to this new rule the pit lane is closed for the first few laps of any Safety Car period and any driver who pits during the period receives a 10 second stop-and-go penalty.Unfortunately the crash happened to be just before Heidfeld's first pit stop.He had to choose between running out of fuel and getting a penalty.He choose to pit and refuel and got a ten second penalty and then dropped to back.He says in his website that his engineer asked him to pit but by then he had passed the pit entry and then safety car was deployed and the pit lane was closed and he had his race messed up for no mistake of his.

"For weeks we have talked and tried to find a better solution. Luck or bad luck should not play a role in Formula One. But right now this rule exists and therefore it was logical that I had to serve a stop-and-go penalty." says Heidfeld.He also said "i always thought that this rule was stupid".


No more help --- Honda

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Japanese automaker Honda has statement that it will not help Super Aguri anymore.Honda helped Super Aguri in the spanish GP providing spares and financial help.A Japanese News paper quoted a Honda offcial saying "We will not provide relief on a race-by-race basis any longer".Super Aguri has been a struggling since the start after former racer Aguri Suzuki launched it in 2005.Super Aguri are using Honda Engine, after this ,i dont know how SA is going to cope up.The next GP is on 11th of may in Turkey.Lets wait...